Tom Falk Plumbing and Heating was originally started by his parents Jim and Edna Falk in 1961 named Jim Falk Plumbing and Heating. They ran the family business with multiple employees until 1991 when Jim passed away.  Tom Falk started working full-time in 1976 with the family. Tom took over the business, now named Tom Falk Plumbing and Heating, Inc. full-time with Deborah, (wife) in 1991.  Tom received his master license in 1991.

Tom credits a lot of the family success to the things his father taught him in running a business.  Tom believes that Jim was the best mechanic that he ever met.  Not only did he teach him how to be a good plumber, but he also taught him how to work on the original plumbing and heating items found in older homes.  Tom learned to always leave a home or business clean and neat after finishing work.  Always fixing things the way he would want them done in his home.  Jim and Edna had the slogan “Prompt, Clean and Thorough” which is still adhered to today.

Tom is proud to say that son in law, Trevor Wiker and Amy (wife) are now taking control of the operations of the business.

We are a true family business.